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Today, the use of ceramic tiles has become an integral part of the construction industry and the real estate industry, as ceramic tiles are considered a symbol of lifestyle and lifestyle.
Ceramic tiles used in the suburbs, restaurants, offices, malls and resorts as bath walls, kitchen floors and other areas have now found a special place in decorative and decorative spaces.
Replacing ceramic tiles instead of paint, marble, metal slabs and other home decor products in the renovation of residential, commercial and new uses such as facades are key to the future of the ceramic tile industry. It is expected that growth in remodeling will increase in the market and that ceramic tiles will become a viable alternative to stone and other building materials.

Avand Trading Group is honored to expedite and complete its product portfolio to supply building materials to our dear customers.

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Avand Trading Group is proud to continue its operations with the least number of dissatisfied customers.

In line with this, by developing guidelines for the correct way of installing and using the products, the company supports and supports the products purchased by customers to the last stage.

What you should know about Avand!

Since ...
Avand Trading Group started its activities in the field of production and distribution of ceramic products in Yazd province for the past six years.
This group, in cooperation with more than 5 manufacturing plants, has been able to provide the consumers with the right quality and price products. Based on its dedicated and efficient workforce, the group has identified the needs of the Iranian market and has been able to operate as a distributor of ceramic tile products in Iran at all levels, as one of the most successful Iranian companies.

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