about us

Avand Trading Group started its activities in the field of production and distribution of ceramic products in Yazd province for the past six years. This group, in cooperation with more than 5 manufacturing plants, has been able to provide the consumers with the right quality and price products. Based on its dedicated and efficient workforce, the group has identified the needs of the Iranian market and has been able to operate as a distributor of ceramic tile products in Iran at all levels, as one of the most successful Iranian companies. The products of this group are now able to compete with similar foreign products and have been able to play an effective role in the domestic product market.

our services

Photography Unit
Hasselblad Hardware System and Intesa Scanner
Production design studio
Equipped with the latest design production technology
Supply of products with diverse layout space
Production system
Manufacture of Felt and Rustic products

Why do they choose Avand?

Design equipment

Variety of production of flat and rustic designs.

Product Sales Support

Providing information services including product layout and product posters

Support sales plan
Providing services to agents throughout the country to accelerate sales.
Quality Contril Unit
Real quality product and special packaging
Customer Voice Unit
Check product delivery and track customer complaints.
Providing a variety of product baskets
Offering products in a variety of sizes and designs

Our team






Fatemeh MirHoseini


Finance and sales

Parastoo Alizadeh

Administrative Affairs

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