Exclusive Agent of Naz Ceram Factory

Dear Representatives and Customers Interested in Nazceram Ceramics Products: Greetings and best wishes. We are proud to introduce Avand Trading Group as the exclusive distributor of this company’s products in Qom province. Hope we can answer your loved ones as before. Good health and good luck

Avand Special Sale

Avand Special Sale   Offer special discount ceramic and tile products.  Special conditions for representatives of the whole country.  Contact us.

Lunching Web site

Avand Trading Group’s website was launched with the aim of faster access to products, familiarity with ceramic tile factories and direct sales. The site’s capabilities are being added day by day. Follow us on this path.

Launch of specialized design production studio

Our company has set up its own industrial studio in order to improve its production level and to produce products with a variety of special features. Services such as the production of geometric and 3D designs as well as photography of natural stone and wood materials and producing realistic previews of products made from the […]

Quality Control Unit

In line with the request of dear customers for quality control over the manufactured products as well as the minimal reduction of customer complaints, Avand Trading Group has set up a master quality control unit in its manufacturing plants to provide its customers with more confidence.

Relationship with customers in real meaning

Avand trading group always supported their customers in selling their products and observing customers satisfaction closely. We ‘re honored at this company, We Checking the production and delivery of our products And to work on improving the principle of customer satisfaction. Contacting dear customers and checking the quality and delivery of our products is a […]

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